Glue is full on massive rock from Göppingen Rock City, Germany. Since 2001. Every member was active in several bands before (e.g. AMP, Grindhead, Chamoix, the Flashy Gordons). By now we have released three full-length albums: „disco brutal“ (2002), „dead city rock“ (2004) and „wreckage & voodoo“ (2007). The glue-sound goes from fat riffs, rough rock and angry shouting to beautiful melodies and psycho-parts. But the thread always remains in the song. So what do you call this type of music? We don’t know. We don’t care. We just do it. Glue-Rock stands for giving it all.

>> the drums: Tibor. The ultimate drum-pig. No one sweats more. No one hits harder, No one is louder. Even without a PA he’d be loud enough to thunder every stadium down to the ground. This guy beats the shit out of the skins. – Tibor: this man is the drum animal. Remember the muppet show…

>> the bass: Rayle. The Bassimondo-Bass-Blaster. With his insane way to shred the bass, he constantly kills the E-string. His backing vocals sound like a maniac in a straitjacket on a roller coaster going berserk. – Rayle: always between genius and mania, mostly in mania.

>> the guitar & the voice: Uli. The Cycomaster of Monster–Riff–Rakes. Out of his 13 ton killer amp he lets roll riff-avalanches that simply iron you. No mercy. No annoying guitar crying but massive big riffing is the dirty deal. On the mic he shouts like roasting on a spit. Always on full blast, always fully dedicated. Additionally he’s got a bunch of tunes in stock that show that he’s got the rock’n’roll in his blood and the soul in his heart. – Uli: boiling blood & kissing dirt.


disco brutal“ (2002)

  1. new thrill
  2. kissin‘ dirt kissin.mp3
  3. cut cut.mp3
  4. deepshit
  5. stalemate
  6. deadlock
  7. world (a light that doesn’t shine)
  8. all so different / all the same
  9. grind on, boys

dead city rock“ (2004)

  1. she
  2. avalanche avalanche.mp3
  3. splatterday night fever
  4. sweet april
  5. make my blood boil
  6. flow joe
  7. stand strong stand.mp3
  8. how to build a vicious circle
  9. don’t waste your time-waste yourself
  10. mammut
  11. monsoon
  12. come on down
  13. bassimondo
  14. dead city rock.

wreckage and voodoo“ (2007)

  1. motorvation motorvation.mp3
  2. voodoo voodoo.mp3
  3. wreckage
  4. jezz
  5. statement statement.mp3
  6. new level
  7. dead city rock II
  8. saving grace
  9. psycho brett
  10. placebo
  11. give ‘em hell
  12. the bluff
  13. monolith
  14. green
  15. whacko
  16. all you can eat
  17. slow collision
  18. not sting but ray