Wha gwaan inna di Yard ?
Yu shoulda ’now dem Barnabas come out fi play it gonna be a Big Dance.

Man fi follow dem Roots ’n Culture Trail beyond the realms of Dub
inna Original Soundsystem Style . Strictly Vynil loaded with dynamite.

muzik of blood , black reared , pain rooted , heart geared;
all tensed up , in the bubble and the bounce an the leap an the weight-drop.

it is the beat of the heart, this pulsing of blood that is a bublin bass,
a bad bad beat pushin gainst the wall whey bar black blood

an is a whole heappa passion a gather like a frightful form
like a righteous harm giving off wild like is madness

So watch out fi next Dance:

13.03.09 Filstival Welcome Celebration with the kickin ass family
06.03.09 Franz K. inna Reutlingham