X – Dream Box
  Desmarques – Feedback Guitar
  Monstro – 4 Strings & Words
  Trigger – Drum Break Fast Beat
  Flapi – Sax, Inverted Blows, FrontMan


The name appeared by mistake, we started playing with a mutant mistaken formation that started stabilizing few by few, but always on the look for new (mistaken…) musicians to add something different to the music we create.

The music has also undergone a lot of changes, but the foundation remains the error in all its many forms, we HAIL to error!!!

So, the dUAS sEMICOLCHEIAS iNVERTIDAS have devoted the last months to frighten people, with its mix of sounds and noises with large doses of improvisation.

We are also available for baptisms and funerals!


Aurinko Ilveil Tzirk aurinko.mp3

Bloody Dali Skafari bloody.mp3

Franeks Frenetics franeks.mp3

Deutschlandtour 2008

28.Nov.2008     Rote Flora Hamburg
29.Nov.2008     Anna & Arthur Infocafe Lüneburg
30.Nov.2008     ASTA-Wohnzimmer Lüneburg
02.Dez.2008     Help in Berlin!    
03.Dez.2008     Emil Zittau near Dresden
04.Dez.2008     13eins Ansbach
KAR: 05.Dez.     E3 Ebersbach
                       mit GAR-FROSCHD & PSYCHONAUTEN
KAR: 06.Dez.     JuZe Denzlingen
                       mit OFF THE GRID & MY ANGRY PONY